Sonic the Hedgehog: The Freedom Fighters

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Hello and welcome to the STH:FF homepage. Sorry it's a bit sparse - my old web host decided to remove my account and all the lovely PHP that I'd written for SAGE with it. Teach me to keep backups, I suppose.

Freedom Fighters is a fangame series which will hopefully span 25 episodes over 2 series. It's based largely on SatAM and the original games, although there's quite a bit of Fleetway Sonic the Comic influence, since I live in the UK and was mostly exposed to that storyline when I was younger.

The game itself uses Damizean's 360 static engine (TGF version). It was mostly written in TGF, although I switched to MMF so I could have parallax. I do intend to switch to the MMF version for all the extra goodness it's got, but I've no idea when that'll happen. The music was done in Sibelius and the custom graphics in MS Paint.

The demo itself is less complete than I'd have liked because I've been working on the new SFGHQ forum and, latterly, because I've been ill. Still, it gives you an idea of what the finished product will be like, so it's all good.